Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn by Heather Sondreal

LOTR: The Two Towers/ Viggo Mortensen and his broken toes, after kicking the Uruk helmet. (that scream... he was really in pain)

Lord Of The Ring IKEA-like user guide

Woman battles for 3 hours to save her stuck horse from rising tide.

Why have I never seen these pictures before?

When the title is slipped into the dialogue ;)

Just waiting for the final Hobbit movie to come out on DVD. THEN it'll be a Lord of the Rings Marathon!

Aragorn on horseback ...never get tired of Viggo as Aragorn!

LOTR couples ♥ #LordOfTheRings #ReturnOfTheKing #Eowyn #Faramir #Aragorn #Arwen #Rosie #Sam I am going to die of cuteness overload!!!

Absolutely love this! :)

I love Viggo.....

Half of the things I've heard about Viggo Mortensen from the set of LOTR gives him 300 Respect-o-points!

Good Guy Viggo… <-- Wow, and you know, when I saw this like six months ago all I could think was "Peter wouldnt cast an aragorn! There is NO aragorn in the hobbit!!" And, now, I can totally and fully believe Peter would do something like that, with adding Tauriel and the orcs that wasnt in the book... I was pretty disappointed...

For years i thought about nothing but tolkien, the hobbit and lord of the rings. I even got the one ring for my birthday, in silver though because the gold one was mega expensive. I loved how legolas and gimli after battle explored Fangorn Forest and the dwarven realms before both departing to the undying lands. Total geek lol x

Tolkien said it best..."Don't leave me here alone. Don't go where I can't follow." <3

@Mallory Cooper !!

LOTR and The Hobbit parallels

Daughter of kings.

You will never be as cool as this.

wow... that really puts things in perspective