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Mi hermano pequeño es adoptado. Mamá me dijo que no se lo dijera.

Supernatural, Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock, MLP, Avatar:TLA and LOK, TBBT, Disney (only scratching the surface)

Brego and Aragorn (Uraeus & Viggo - Viggo and Uraeus created such a bond that Viggo bought the horse. Uraeus lives on Viggo's ranch in Idaho along with TJ, the horse he rode in 'Hidalgo' )

Here are some Lord of the Rings random facts (Part 2)
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Here are some Lord of the Rings random facts (Part 2)

LORD OF THE RINGS Facts that Every Fan Should Know1 Other than Legolas's hair...I would guess these were true. In the book....Legolas's hair is meantion to be some sort of silvery shiny....

Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan arrived at Viggo Mortensen’s premiere of Hidalgo with their noble steeds. I love these people!

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The Complete Guide to Tumblr Subcultures

A glossary of some of the most popular and prominent Tumblr subcultures, including fandoms, food porn and social justice warriors.

Eomer of Rohan...leather, too, but more jointed, easier to move in being a horseman. Appropriate for the nephew of a King of horsemen.

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A true Fellowship never ends

LOTR cast get a "fellowship" tattoo of the number 9. THIS WARMS MY FANGIRL HEART.