New way to find library materials- Shake It! from the Orange County Library System

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Dear Patron: I love you (Day Two) | Athens County Public Libraries

Johnson County Library, KS.

Book: Creative Fundraising Ideas For Public Libraries - Shake Your MLS & Save Your Library

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Retro Library Poster: The Book Hunter - Spots the target by its author, title, and call number. Follows the trail to its section. Tracks down its shelf label. Checks out his find. #libraries #library #marketing


Retro Library Poster: In the Library...We read for pleasure and information. We borrow or return books. We find answers to questions. #library #libraries #marketing

I want this in my library!


I love how true this is to me! How do you relate to this? #libraries #books #reading #butterfliesandchocolate

Reading Saves the Day! by Clearwater Public Library System Photos, via Flickr

Use Libraries...

Love in the library.


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Use your library often!

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“Stop the shame. Visit your nearest library today for a free library card,” reads the tag line from Broward County (Fla.) Library's campaign. Article: How libraries can get more word-of-mouth buzz (Contagious Marketing | American Libraries Magazine)