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I go to school with such short guys. only a few guys in the grade are tall. not a lot but a few

Believe it

I love Nicolas Sparks. I hope one day this will come true fire real and he will always be faithful, kind, selfless caring, putting family first. Ohhhh a girl can dream right?

" i was praying that you and Me might end up together! " - i love you

a drop in the ocean. a change in the weather. i was praying that you and me might end up together. it's like wishing for rain as i stand in the desert. but i'm holding you closer than most. 'cause you are my heaven. Ron pope drop in the ocean

If your true personality comes out a while later, and you're now making her feel less appreciated & less valuable then when you were trying to win her over - if you aren't fixing it, you've already lost her.


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Yes!--- I just want to feel that warmth inside my heart, knowing that I helped someone. I sometimes get the urge to make a video and post it on YouTube. Alas, I do not have a video camera, but I'm trying to save up money to get a camera. Whenever I do it, if even one person says that they love my videos, I'll keep on making videos.

Just Girly Things: I Want to Inspire People. I Want Someone to Look at Me and Say, "Because of You I Didn't Give Up"

Hmm well I am mean apparently so I got that downsadlyyyy hope he gets to feeling better! Praying for him XP ughh so like depressing...never get to talk to himabsolute deathlike didn't even get to tell him he looked nice..oh wellziez

this is so me and its not even funny. well not all of it. only the sing to you, weird around you, scream at you, take your food, and be mean to you. i dont dance.

Relax and unwind on vacation.....it is very important to unwind, download the daily grind and slip back into "you". Life will always be there but, unless you nurture and restore your batteries and your love, your spouse might not be!

My husband is my lover but first and foremost he is my best friend and I wouldn't want it any other way. Because being a best friend makes him an even better lover. I love him

listening to the same song on repeat for an entire day -- i think @Meg S and i both have this obessive quality

I LOVE MUSIC! I have had days when one song explains me better than I can.hence the repeat!


life goal: fall in love with a country boy. this shouldn't be hard. country boys are my weak spot.