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The Best Project You'll Ever Work On Is Yourself :

10 Foods that help you burn more fat

Truth= you've got to eat to lose. Just like a car doesn't run right on fumes, neither does your body.

Great workout today, my arms feel like they can fall off lol! And my legs r still sore and swollen from yesterday's workout.

I love the lean lines and strength of her back and waist. I haven't seen myself like this in a long time and sometimes I wonder what that would be like...especially now that I am older and with a different sense of myself...

dont judge the big, slow or out of shape person doing their best..because at least they are doing have tostart from somwhere

sweat like a pig to look like a fox

We're in an active, fast-paced industry but spend our days sitting long hours at the computer. Well, that's what I did until I raised my desk. Now, instead of sitting all day, I spend my days standing, stretching, and... I love to put on my head phones, blast some tunes, and dance while working! It's the best! I call my desk, My Dancing Desk. :)

Reasons to be fit - to be able to feel sexy in your own skin

i wish i knew how true this was before i started running!!