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  • Alex Conway

    OH, it looks like the road to the point of no return! ~Black Spur Drive, Victoria, Australia

  • Kit Cat

    Victoria, Australia's Black Spur Drive- world's tallest flowering trees, the Eucalyptus Regnans aka Mountain Ash

  • Mari Michaels

    Black Spur Drive, Dandenongs, Victoria, AUSTRALIA. The trees are gum trees..... Often labelled "New Zeland" AND "The lighthouse keeper: into the woods I love this picture. Reminds me of driving over to Mendocino" AND "Redwoods, California. It's amazing how quiet it is with all of the pine needles as insulation".

  • ☀️Mara Bapp☀️

    ERROR: NOT New Zealand (or California, nor Canada! Sometimes pinned for either) - This is Australia, and they are gum trees. Eucalyptus Regnans, the world's tallest flowering tree. "A leisurely trip through Victoria’s Black Spur Drive will have you seeing the world’s tallest flowering trees – the eucalyptus regnans." . Reference Researched & Verified by Bill Gibson-Patmore, March 2015, @BillGP Project Com

  • Meredith Mann

    Redwood Forest. Northern California is one of my favorite places in the world.

  • Vanessa

    road trip! Victoria's Black Spur Drive

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