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It's gotta be tough to be She. Katie Schellinger

hahahahahaha! Lexi Magnusson sorry to keep finding these lLexi but Andrew even said this seemed to fit you.

I just like this - inappropriate, but too dang funny! I can think of a few people on this list.

Why I adore Hannibal Buress' stand-up comedy. lol Apple juice euphoria.

Everyone needs an education... Not only for what you learn in class, but for what you learn about yourself and the rest of the world. Getting an education is a huge part of personal growth and this is something I realized in undergrad, but it really hit home in grad school. The more education you get the better! Remember that.

Little girl. You get on with your bad self.

Funny Stoner Baked. an apple pie★ This made me lololol These are some cool Funny #Marijuana Pins but #OMG check this out #Marijuana (Like OurPage) Salvia www.temporarytatt...

It would be even better if they could somehow represent the iCoffee as unflavored decaf that only used proprietary cups/lids.

The time they pranked their friend by replacing "no" with "pecan pie" in their autocorrect. | 32 Times Tumblr Was Too Clever For Its Own Good

I like this cat. Now get me some pie.

strawberry, lemon, banana cream, pumpkin, blackberry, coconut cream, sweet potato... I'm a genius