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A technique for linking woven squares made on a pin loom with almost invisible seams. It's a great way to make blankets.

Matched paduak and maple spindle pair with cherry rack. Coming soon, and there is a story to the wood! | by afranquemont

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How to Weave a V neckline on the loom.

DIY Chevron Friendship Bracelet - YouTube


The diy crazy complicated friendship bracelet! I used to make these constantly when I was a kid :)

saori bags

saori-style necklace

Norwegian Pick-Up Bandweaving by Heather Torgenrud to be released in December, 2014

A Spindle collection.

branch weaving - this looks so relaxing! can't wait for a warm spring day to give this a try with the kids:)

Mini yarn wrapped driftwood or wrap yarn on ladder by Southwest fireplace in the living room

Polka Dot Towels in Summer and Winter

How to Spin Wool Locks on an Ashford Country Spinner

PVC pipe loom

Jane Meredith at a (homemade?) Brinkley loom, frame type __ per "flyhoof", it is "another simple-but-effective kind of loom. The main element of this loom is the ingenious heddle, which is turned over after each row of weaving to raise and lower each set of warp threads so that the weft threads can pass between them."

Scarf woven with a Kromski Rigid Heddle Loom, shown in Sasquatch Imagination and Blue Yonder Stroll Tonal.

Warp winding secret: water-filled jugs! Probably more applicable to a floor loom than a rigid heddle loom, but it's a good idea all the same.

Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom (Video Download)

rigid heddle weaving | BEKA 10 rigid heddle loom learn to weave easy for by wildhare

rigid heddle weaving | BEKA 10 rigid heddle loom learn to weave easy for by wildhare

Using just two different color yarns, all of these designs can be done on a rigid heddle loom.

done on a rigid heddle loom