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Zombies v. Supermodels: can you tell the difference? My favorite stat in this infographic = "Strengths: Supermodel - Sex Appeal / Zombie - can eat your face.

Rachel, I'm glad you shared this:) teee heee heee. I'm THAT guy in just about every conversation...    fanart & cosplay - even zombies need brains too

Funny pictures about Zombie talk. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie talk. Also, Zombie talk photos.

Friday Humor: Zombie Humor | Search Engine Journal

Funny pictures about When a zombie is looking for brains. Oh, and cool pics about When a zombie is looking for brains. Also, When a zombie is looking for brains.

Zombie Chaser Topper by ZombiesbyZombiatch on Etsy

The Zombie Wedding cake topper above and the one below are from ZombiesbyZombiatch on Etsy, Sadly the one on the top looks like it’s sold out, but there are other designs.

The more you know...  In case of zombie apocalypse, the most important thing is to know what you're working with. Identify your tools and figure out what type of undead you're up against. You might be prepared to tear a zombie in half with a machine gun. Effective against a 28 Days Later zombie. Not so effective for a Romero zombie. Click to read the list! AWESOME!

Funny pictures about Zombie Identification Chart. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie Identification Chart. Also, Zombie Identification Chart photos.

Zombies vs. Toddlers. I laughed way too hard at this! Love my little zombie.

Funny pictures about Zombies vs. Oh, and cool pics about Zombies vs. Also, Zombies vs.

Cyanide And Happiness Comics...BRAAAAAINS! #comics #zombies

Zombies and the Five-Second Rule

Zombie apacolypse?

Zombie Apocalypse - cant believe this happened down the street from me in the middle of the day.