chiffon tunic





I don't know who this is or who designed the dress, all I know is that this is definitely a Cleopatra dress. Anyone know any information on this photo?

Cleopatra Hot Fix Bodycon Dress - Oasis - $95.67

yellow tunic dress.

Cleopatra Tee - Available in tomato, dark sand, navy & black - $68

Cleopatra Jeweled Top - $19.80

Cleopatra - Metal Fringe Necklace - Urban Outfitters - $29

Cleopatra Style Necklace - Forever21 - $12.80

Cleopatra top and skirt by Kirrily Johnston

yes <3

i'd wear this suit

Always looking for cute head bands and fun new ways to wear them, here's some ideas!

H Top $9.95

Tory Burch stud earrings <3

Deep V Tunic back with vintage Chanel bag


head wrap