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Bronzer: mix cornstarch, cinnamon, cocoa, and nutmeg until desired shade. Natural and great for your skin.

A subtle rose gold - Imgur


Prom hairstyle updo's for short hair

Tutorial on how to clean your brush in minutes. Will look brand new!

Have to try this homemade shampoo!





There’s a secret language “There’s not a ‘floor’—there’s a ‘stage,'” our source, a five-year employee, told us.

Spiral Braid into starburst braid

The thought might put you off. Why would you want to smear such smelly stuff all over your face when there are delightfully scented face care products available? I’ll tell you why. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is freaking awesome, that’s why!…Still not convinced? Let me elaborate… Real ACV is made by fermenting pressed apple juice

Do you have so many pairs of sunglasses but still do not know which ones suit your face the best? Maybe you find yourself grabbing for one or two pairs all the time without really knowing why. Sunglasses for your Face Shape Many women buy sunglasses because they are fashionable or have pretty frames, but

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Peacock nail tutorial #SauzaGirlsNight

Our 8 Favorite Wedding Nails From Pinterest! | The Knot Blog Wedding Dresses, Shoes, Hairstyle News Ideas

I'm surprised these are actually good ideas... 12 easy art nail "hacks"

Nail Art Ideas: An Artistic Journey | Cuded

Christmas nails- #nailart

Tricks for Painting Nails - Nail Art Hacks - CosmopolitanTricks for Painting Nails - line mails with Elmer's Glue before painting, let dry, for easy post painting clean up; just peel. Nail Art Hacks - Cosmopolitan

20 Life-Changing Hacks for Doing Your Nails

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