• Susannah Hulin

    Sweet tea Southerner quote

  • Noel Hogan

    When life gives you lemons, squeeze them into some sweet tea & thank God you were born a Southern Girl!!! :D <3

  • Kelly Skelton

    Thank God for Sweet Tea & The South

  • Erin Ralph

    Sweet Southern Comfort

  • Kaila Brown

    when life gives you lemons... put them in your sweet tea & thank God you're a southerner!! love it! (: love being a southern belle!!

  • Erin Clepper

    Cute tea towel design. When life gives you lemons put them in your sweet tea and thank God you're a Southerner.

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Need to remember this. If only people would refrain from taking out their problems on others. Reminds me of a Ani Difranco song, "Pixie": "Maybe you just had the worst day of your life | you know there's no escape, there's no excuse | so just suck up and be nice..."

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Southernness= big hats, modesty, & natural beauty.... Do you see boobs hanging out, girls? NOPE. It's called class.

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