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DIY laundry stain remover (better than Shout!) « Somewhere In The Middle: 2/3C dawn, 2/3C ammonia, 6TBSP baking soda, 2C water

Laundry stain removal tips and techniques, such as for presoaking and pretreating spots and spills so you've got a better chance to get them out! {on Stain Removal 101}

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I hate when I can't think of what to write in a card! I'll be using this site a lot!

Soak orange peels in vinegar for two weeks in a sealed mason jar then pour the vinegar into a spray bottle. Use as a non-toxic and yummy smelling "green" cleaner. I love using vinegar to clean with but have always wondered how to make it smell better - can't wait to do this!

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