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Lotte Kühn  Heinrich Kühn  (Austrian, born Germany, 1866–1944)  1910

Lotte Kühn Heinrich Kühn (Austrian, born Germany, 1866–1944) 1910

'In one month, she will be four. I am celebrating these last few weeks of her being just three. This shoot is just that, this little one being entirely herself. Time is going by too fast! This sassy little one is Chloe, and she is everything about me that I love most. She is mine. It only seemed

This is why I like to suggest your child brings their favorite thing to their session. They won't carry a stuffed animal forever 💗 Jessi Field Photography

Little boys in suspenders, tan pants, maybe a simple white top. Neutral colors, vintage style.

Father Took Amazing Pictures of His Son. Your Heart Will Stop for a Moment

ginger unzueta photgraphy joy 2

I love that these shots tell us a story about the sisters instead of just being an in focus portrait. This has character and meaning.

Photography is all about capturing love. While most parents cannot stop taking photos of their precious babies, they often forget to get themselves involved by capturing the true love that flows in the family through natural interaction. Baby portraits can certainly tell your children how cute they looked when they were born, but family portraits …

30 Love-Filled Photos Every Parent Must Take with their Newborn