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Vintage Vogue magazine covers: 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s

Know your fashion history? Then test it out with this look at vintage Vogue magazine covers from the and

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Vogue Cover - April 1959 - Talking Points

Vogue Cover - April 1959 by Richard Rutledge. Photographer Richard Rutledge captures a unique moment, depicting model Sarah Tom talking into a man's ear. She wears a blue diamond-quilted hat in this cover shot, for the April issue of Vogue magazine.

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Vogue Cover - September 1956 - Lace and Fur

TatiTati Style ☆ VERUSHKA in Australian Vogue Dec 1966/Jan 1967 (minkshmink collection)

Verushka in Australian Vogue Dec 1966 / Jan 1967 (minkshmink collection)

Vogue Cover - November 1938 Poster Print by Carl

Vogue Cover Illustration Of A Woman Driving A Car by Carl Oscar August Erickson


Op Art- Short for optical art, this was a style that created visual illusions through largely geometric patterns. These could be translated readily into fabric, and soon became a widespread fashion trend.

multifaced women

September issue of Vogue Italia is called “Multifaceted Women” and is about models putting on weird creepy masks on their faces. In Mind Control symbolism, masks represent alter personas of MK slaves – switching masks means switching alters.

vogue covers from the 1960s | Sixties model Celia Hammond on the cover of July 1963 US Vogue ...

Celia Hammond photographed by Irving Penn. Vogue, July - Celia Hammond photographed by Irving Penn.

Pucci Vintage | #pucci #vintagefashion #vintageeditorial

Gian Paolo Barbieri for the great Emilio Pucci firing on all cylinders. Bold, inventive, playful and wholly original. Kitschy now, but like so many post-war Italian brands he helped set the tone in fashion for the next half-century.

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Ligne Optique, French Vogue Beauty, Fall 2007 Photographer: Mark Segal Ludivine Poiblanc Make up by Peter Philips Model: Kim Noorda