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Mini Paper Medallions DIY

paper snowflakes - "These were from a Martha Stewart holiday book. It's actually made of eight strips of paper. You fold the strips in half and then using a toothpick--tightly roll each side of the strip to the center. It should look like a rolled heart when you're done rolling. You then unfurl the rolled paper a bit to make the curled shapes. You can play with the shapes and sizes of the curly cues. I then make the ornament in halves. I glue four together and then combine the two hal...

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DIY Dainty Paper and Wire Ballerina Figures

Make these for Christmas tree. You could even do lords a leaping too. DIY Dainty Paper and Wire Ballerina Figures

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DIY Projects & Crafts

diy metallic paper medallions

DIY Paper Butterflies #diy #crafts #paper

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DIY paper butterflies backdrop

DIY Paper Stroller DIY Paper Stroller