PENNY FLOOR TILE. Need: PENNIES, TEMPLATE, MESH BACKING for mosaic tiles ( mosaic_tile_mesh.aspx), WELDBOND GLUE, reg THIN SET, LATICRETE EPOXY GROUT (in Chocolate Truffle), LATICRETE CLEAR EPOXY Liquid Grout. • Collect pennies. Make 12" sq TEMPLATE of penny layout (cov w/pkg tape). Cut 13" sq mesh backing. Place mesh over template, Glue pennies to mesh accord to template. Install backing. Install tile w/reg thin set acc to pkg dir. Grout tile acco to pkg dir...

NICKEL tile floor... similar to the penny tiled floor, but toned down oh so much!

The Mama Crow: Copper Penny Backsplash- love the tile just below the pennies too. Adhere pennies to a cloth mesh such as used for needlepoint. Adhere the mesh to the wall and grout the pennies.

DIY: Inexpensive Mosaic Penny Floor - tutorial on how to reface a floor with pennies! Great info & very creative! To cover 24 sq ft, it cost the homeowner $38.89!

white penny tile with dark gray grout

IDEA: Basement bath with laundry area. Maybe for guests, and if so, have 2 sets of washers and driers to get all of your laundry done right away.

Penny rounds have always been around and always will be around. Don't be afraid to use them in your home.. Spice it up with different coloured grout.

Copper Floor Penny Tile jig... via ymfy

#pennyfloor #diy #flooring This is my new kitchen floor!!!! I love my penny floor!!! 41,292 pennies, two tubs of premixed thinset, 1 bag of white nonsanded grout, and one gallon of garage floor clear epoxy with non slip additive! Oh and threeeeee looooong weeks!!!!

How to install backsplash mosaic tile in kitchen - not sure how brave I am to try this, but I want it!!

Ha! I finally found a DIY version with a sort of tutorial for penny flooring. This person used mosaic mesh and made tiles, then laid the tiles, instead of putting the penning straight down onto the floor. I REALLY want a penny floor in my kitchen. I think this would work!

How cool is this reader's penny floor with hex tile inlay? | 2013 Reader Remodel Contest |

Glittering mosaic tile sheathes the walls of a master bath, which also includes a gold Moroso stool and a vintage Seguso lantern.

Updating your kitchen on a budget? An all-in-one mosaic tile kit is a snap to install and comes with everything you need, including the tools. The tile is peel-and-stick and the grout is pre-mixed so you save time, mess and money

omg omg i loooove this

and then grouted it with laticrete epoxy grout in chocolate truffle

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Penny Wall