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WALKER'S LOW CATMINT: 1) Attracts butterflies & hummingbirds 2) Aromatic 3) Deer Resistant

Best Sellers - Cotton Candy Grass. This colorful ornamental grass creates a sweet, pink cloud in the back of a sunny border or as a stand-alone specimen in a perennial bed. Blooms appear in late summer. A dependable variety, Cotton Candy Grass tolerates heat, humidity, drought and wet conditions with ease. This gorgeous plant has it all – it provides gorgeous foliage throughout the year, is adaptable to practically every climate and can even grow in poor soil.

Drought resistant -Russian Sage-We cant help but love Russian sage. One of the toughest plants, it offers fragrant silvery foliage and plumes of violet-purple blooms. Taller varieties are great for the back of the border. Not only is it heat and drought resistant, but deer, rabbits, and most other pests steer clear of it

GayfeatherGayfeather Also known as Liatris or Blazing Star, this drought-tolerant plant will add height to your garden. Spiky brushes of lavender or white blooms rise on 36 to 48 inch stems. The leaves are spiky as well! Gayfeather is sure to attract butterflies.

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The Best Flowers for Wet Soil

Meadowsweet : Meadowsweet looks like a supersized astilbe with its cotton-candy blooms of fluffy pink borne on 5-foot-tall stems. The plant is also known as queen-of-the-prairie, a fitting name for this Midwest native. It grows best in full sun, but it tolerates some shade.

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New Perennials for 2015

Agastache 'Kudo's Gold' An exciting new hybrid, more compact than standard agastache, commonly called hyssop or hummingbird mint. It produces wave after wave of bright yellow flowers; it's a delightful new color for the genus, and is also highly attractive to bees and butterflies. Conditions: full sun, and well-drained average to dry soil. Size: 24" tall and wide Zones: 5-10

Red-Hot-Poker plant. Drought resistant(good thing!!!) and attracts hummingbirds. :) LOVE them!!

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Must-Grow New Perennials for 2013

Garnet Brocade Hylotelephium 'Garbo' - compact growth, attracks humingbirds and butterflies

February Daphne (Daphne mezereum) Deciduous perennial shrub to 4 feet with very sweet-scented purple flowers along branches in Feb. and March, forming red berries in summer. Grows best in well-drained rich dry to moist soils in partial shade. Plant along entry ways for sweet smells in early spring. Attracts hummingbirds and birds readily eat the berrie

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The Best Perennials for Cutting

Bee balm offers colorful clusters of red, pink, lavender, violet, or white flowers in summer. It's a favorite of hummingbirds.

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Community Post: You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

Lavender Hidcote - This easy-to-grow sun perennial thrives in full sun normal garden soil. Plants vigorously grow to form mounds of fragrant, silvery foliage 18 tall 24 wide. This drought-tolerant hardy perennial has extremely fragrant foliage.

Red Stonecrop (Sedum Spurium 'Schorbuser Blut') is a very attractive border plant that does not mind the shade and can be used as ground cover under trees and shrubs forming an expansive red carpet. Its star-shaped red flowers stand out from its beautiful dark green, slightly red leaves. Flowers absolutely anywhere. Another advantage of these plants is that they suppress the growth of weeds.

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The Best Drought-Tolerant Perennials

drought-tolerant: lavender!

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Top Plants that Thrive in Clay

Coral Bells 'Paris' coral bells produces a frothy sea of pink blooms floating above silvery green foliage, so even when this perennial flower is not in bloom, it looks great. Other varieties are grown strictly for their attractive foliage colors, with shades ranging from deep purple to bronze, peach, silver, and mixtures of the above. Name: Heuchera selections Zones: 3-9

Creeping Thyme. Plant in full sun to partial shade. Blooms all summer long. Will tolerate all soil types, is drought tolerant, rabbit and deer resistant. This old-fashioned perennial has a year round display of color. In early summer the plants are covered with stunning pinkish-rose flowers that last until the first hard frost. The stunning foliage stays all through the winter months. A very hardy perennial that attracts butterflies and can be grown throughout the country. Zones 4 - 9.

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Must-Grow New Perennials for 2013

'Cheyenne Sky' Switchgrass

Angelonia -It's easy to grow and flowers profusely (AND IT'S PURPLE!) great plant for our dry spells and heat. Not fussy about soil either. Butterflies love it!

Rock Cress is one of those plants that like tough love -- give it a hot, dry crack between some stones somewhere and it will flourish.