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How To Design a Hat (Part 2: The Math)

For the Math-a-phobic, stay back. There are sime heavy calculations going on below. There is nothing wrong with making a hat by eyeballing it or going by a pattern. This is just the way I like to torture blog readers. No really, this is most useful for people wanting to write their own designs in mu...
  • Amy

    how to crochet the proper sized hat...(AWESOMELY HELPFUL!) chart with age, head size, hat size, hat length :)

  • Paula Visagie

    Helpful Chart Crochet hat sizes & how to crochet the proper sized hat...

  • Dawn Sahr

    "How to crochet the proper sized hat. (AWESOMELY HELPFUL!)"

  • D Iremonger

    How to crochet the proper sized hat... size chart (AWESOMELY HELPFUL!)

  • Keshia

    Determining crochet hat sizes and hat pattern

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@Brooke Austin I'm gonna have to bribe you to make one like this for Augie (in girlier princess colors of course!)

love this - to crochet in baby size!

cute hat and flower -- would LOVE to make this but I have no idea how to make hats the right size. lol

hat size chart for crocheting | head sizing chart for crochet hats (newborn-adult large) by themfamily

love this - to crochet in baby size!.

How to make a crochet hat the right size - I have been using this same method lately. It's hard to follow a pattern exactly when you are constantly using different yarn. For an adult female, the hat should fit if you crochet a circle until it measures 5 1/4" FLAT (stop your increases at that point). For a man's hat, stop you increases when your circle measures about 6 1/4" FLAT.

Triple Flower Pink Crochet Hat by rosytoesesboutique on Etsy, $26.00.

Crochet Cowboy or Cowgirl Hat (All sizes Available) free