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  • Meg Halley

    Jane - Gluten-freers looking for a good coffee shop should hit up Jane on Fillmore. There's always gluten-free options (and vegan ones, too) in the breakfast sweet, cookie, and cake categories. I chose the muffin ($4.35) because hey, vegan and gluten-free muffins aren't easy to pull off, and this is both. But Jane manages, creating a breakfast sweet that's not only GF, but also does right by the banana. Instead of a heavy, cloying muffin, this actually tastes "fresh", which I don't think I've ever said about banana-flavored anything. In addition, the chocolate chips are nice and bitter, there's a heavy dose of cinnamon, and lots of lopsided muffin top (because we all know that's the best part.)

  • Mami Kumi

    Really love front door like this !!!

  • Susan Clickner

    Back store window idea

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Jane in San Francisco / photo by Eva Goicochea

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Joan's on Third, L.S. ~ photography by laure joliet for remodelista via sprk #bakery #cafe

I love everything Yellow Owl has...the curiosity shop, San Francisco. Window design done with paint or vinyl

San Francisco, CA--- would LOVE to visit, ride the streetcars, and eat loaves of hot sourdough bread. Those are the things dreams are made of. :)

Jane on Fillmore: coffee shop located at2123 Fillmore Street in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights

Universal Cafe | San Francisco, CA Samantha Sanchez ---> meet you here for Joe to Go and then off to the Book Fair!

such a typical scene in San Francisco. folks eat outside here year-round.....yeah, it's kind of the best

San Francisco, USA: Bar Tartine - Awesome French bakery and restaurant (go there for dinner and try the family & friends menu)