Turn a 2x4 into a large ruler for the wall, and record the height of your kids as they grow. You never have to worry about moving to a new house

Tutorial on making personalized rustic growth charts. Looks easy enough and only costs about $10 each.

Family handprint art - easier to move/update than my grandma's idea of handprints on the wall of the grandkid room (only a couple of years before she moved!)

I want this! it would be so cute in my home, not to mention a good way to keep track of the kids heights.

old fridge into patio cooler

Turn it into a game for the kids~ The dice decides which chore you get.

Growing chart

A play house built in under the stairwell - finished basement

Ruler Style, Style Growth, Growth Charts

This is so cool! Paintable wallpaper in a truly retro design.

Pinner Said: Wish I knew these tips BEFORE we painted our entire house!

Instead of doing it on your wall, this way you have the heights for all your children even if you move!!!

Cute ideas for turning old furniture into kid kitchens.

Trace hand at every birthday and see it grow

DIY- three-level bunk beds...Bunkhouse? Love this idea - Click image to find more Home Decor Pinterest pins

Great use for a crib that has been outgrown! .... I'm thinking train/car table

Cheap Decorating Ideas: Keeping track of your child's growth is even more fun with this cute growth chart. An added plus, you can take it with you when you move.

Our Love and Our Blessing: DIY Height Ruler for Our Toddler

Family Tree on wall craft-ideas

We do REAL, we do mistakes, we do SORRY, we do second chances, we do FUN and HUGS and REALLY LOUD really well....

Play house