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Original Painting Fantasy Nautical Fine Art Female Nude Koi Fish Oak Nouveau Sea | eBay

Red Umbrella Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Maris Sherwood

this pieces reminds of the work similar to the artist banksy. the use of bold block colours combined with a dark tone give the ensign a certain depth and shadowed effect. the sudden burst of cooer provides an immediate attraction to draw your attention.

The Three Graces by Josephine Wall. 3 inseparable sisters – daughters of Zeus, representing all that is noble, beautiful & pure, keep watch from above. Aglaia (brightness) symbolized by brightly colored butterflies, Euphrosyne (joyfulness) symbolized by the joyful sound of birdsong, & Thalia (bloom) symbolized by a headdress of flowers. Above all they were goddesses, noble of grace, & a beauty which enchants. Their hair & faces shine with radiant beauty, looking down from Mt. Olympus. ❤❦♪♫

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