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Since when is killing the enemy an offense? and Killing your own 'young'n not too much? There is something really, REALLY WRONG in this picture.

"The people long for just two things, Bread and Circuses." -Juvenal

Wake up! ...the worst president EVER!!!!!!

American's REMEMBER,"There is NO SECURITY, NO SAFETY in the appeasement of evil." -- Ronald Reagan

There is little reporting regarding the weather and also regarding the economy. It is true that many things are worse from this month than before and yet even with new reports there has been little discussion of these things. Instead, they are choosing to focus their energy on the Ukraine and Russians believing that this will create more support for the government than any other current event.

Two presidents during a prayer at the tenth year anniversary of 9/11.....speaks volumes

Obamaism is merely a symptom of a system that is breaking down, in a political environment of rampant unchecked and unpunished corruption.

Read this fools twitter feed - "Yes I do consider the United States of America an Islamic country with an Islamic compliant constitution." ~Mohamed Elibiary

"Anyone know if President Obama intends to perform background checks on the Syrian rebels before providing them weapons?" ~ Sen. Ted Cruz

Dr. Ada Fisher: “Hundreds of thousands of women have lost their jobs and poverty among women is the highest it’s been in nearly two decades — women cannot afford four more years of President Obama,” the press release said. “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have a plan to restore America as the best place in the world for a woman to find a job, start a business and raise a family.”

#MarxistDemocrats 11 STEPS TO FASCISM... Remember, Democrats believe that only they have the right to free speech. Tell the truth till it hurts, then tell it some more. Speaking the truth every day is our only non-violent recourse. DO IT

Read Sen. Bernie Sanders report that tells the tale of the greedy and corrupt 1% and see for yourself. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MUCH GOOD COULD HAVE COME TO OUR COUNTRY IF THOSE TAXES WERE COLLECTED instead of wasted on their bonuses, lobbying, political contributions, environmental destruction, military contracts and protecting their piles of cash. The only people that suffer for it is the 99%!