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    Wake up and smell the corruption!

    Pathetic.........wake up

    It makes you think! One loves America is proud of it. The other wants change and transformation saying,"The Constitution is out of Date." Is Mr. Obama trying to make us believe that personal freedom and a chance at bettering our lives out of date? Because that IS the Constitution!

    " Wow, safest country in the world... there's your gun control!" Hmmmm. Wonder what the counter argument to this is? EVEN neural Switzerland is kicking out rape-ugees.....This should clarify what our position should be if they are fed up.

    Wake up America!!!

    A picture says a thousand words. President Obama former President Bush with a wounded soldier.

    The Obama Lies


    America ♡

    Wake up!


    Atheist answer questions with a question which just proves to me that they don't know the answers. So sad that people actually live like this!!!

    Now his brother wants to be president...

    We're there. WAKE UP!


    Why is our so called leader not speaking these words?

    Let's not forget that Hillary was also responsible and this is not going to go away. (I HOPE it's not going away! SOMEONE needs to be accountable!)

    Truth be told... Vote Nov 2014, as your life and well-being will depend on it