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Wake up and smell the corruption!

The beliefs of our quasi president. Please wake up America. Be very careful who you vote for...

Obama wants it his way or the high way, and is perfectly willing to throw a tantrum the likes of which this country has not seen in order to accomplish that.

Abandoned . -- BUT NOT FORGOTTEN !!!!!

"Really, all kidding aside. Aren't any of you who feel Obama is a godsend, the best President you've seen in your lifetime, the least bit bothered that his signature piece of legislation, an ostensibly compassionate healthcare act to heal the land and spread "fairness" will not apply to his closest friends, political affiliates, supportive unions and donors?" - Dennis Miller

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Dr. Marty Fox on

America: What have we become? Indoctrination passes for Education ? Political Correctness Trumps Critical Thinking? Wake Up America !!! #TedCruz2016 #TeaParty #Conservatives @CruzRevolution

Why is she allowed to get away with this? This should be a huge red flag for all…

Let's get rid of the political corruption in Washington, Trump is not a puppet for anyone-hillary being funded by the bilderberg group and muslim brotherhood, bernie is funded by the corrupt billionaire Koch