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    • Nanette Wofford

      Plessage is a technique of creating a living fence by weaving a row of plants. It started as a way to allow Europeans farmers as much "forest" as possible along the edges of their fields, as well as providing all the other functions of a wall.

    • Pasture Builders

      Use multiple species in your living fence to help support diverse wildlife.

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    I actually really like the idea of having this against the side of the house instead of out in the middle of our backyard or in a corner - it's just large enough to store what we need and then some.

    Washi Tape Wall Art

    Large wood picture frame with wreath hanging in it. We could hange out the wreath to something else or do seasonal wreaths.

    a home-made mortar sprayer to make burlap-crete or ferro-cement for lightweight concrete structures

    Insulating 2x4 walls, easy cheap and very effective. Mooney Wall -- A low cost, high R value wall

    Playhouse with a deck and sand pit, so neat

    cacti garden

    Front Yard Pond - Home and Garden Design Idea's

    I can't quite decide if I like the whole "shelved by the tub" concept, but I haven't ever seen anything like it! And all the green tile - retro but a bit much!

    tv gallery wall

    A built-in bench, sleek and practical, relatively inexpensive, goes great with the square fire pit but doesn't appear very comfortable. It makes a better "outdoor room" divider than anything else.

    Yellow stucco, with column detail

    How did they make this thick smooth white panel? I want one.

    A narrow ledge holds paintings. Chairs have initials on the back. Mismatched candlesticks are grouped onto a tray. Bright white and Golden brown dominate. The Farmhouse table has a leaf added in the middle, and Tiny casters make it exactly like the functional dream table I have imagined.

    Surprisingly simple and pleasing wooden mosaics by Aaron S Moran

    Mark a horizontal midline on the wall, and hang all pictures above or below it...Same color frame, same color ink. Neutral wall. Serene or boring? I can't decide.

    Never enough bookshelves. I could put this anywhere.



    Wallpaper - NO. Pillows - UGLY. Book Nook - BRILLIANT.

    I love the lighting, colors, built-ins and headboard, the reading lights and side tables (I'm imagining drawers where they belong). The rug? Not so much.

    My dear husband can save my aching back and build a Washer/Dryer Pedestal: This includes diagram and there is storage underneath. We can buy an expensive one, but why would we when he's so handy?

    Laundry baskets on left are great for self-sorting by family members (whites, colors, denim, delicates...) Bins on the right hold washed and folded items for each family member. Each one can grab their own personal bin and put their clothes back where they belong.

    DIY chandelier. Buy a metal frame and lace twinkle lights around it. Great for a patio!

    Shelf with lights above bed