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Quote by Lilly Pullitzer, "Not always sunny, but always in a sunny state of mind"

Lilly Pulitzer is my favorite designer and this is such an optimistic quote!

6 Life Lessons from Lilly Pulitzer


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lily pulitzer ROCKS - I loved her dresses as a little girl moved over to Pappagallo dresses and am thrilled to get Lily back!

"Life is a party, dress like it." I like the dress-up parties where I can wear my good clothes. I feel we can rarely overdress and I'd rather be overdressed than under dressed.

A Colorful Life Deserves A Colorful Dress: Lilly Pulitzer

Everyone's life is colorful. What color dress would that translate to a dress for you? Mine would be red because I'm a fighter.

If you don't find the right prince, it's okay to go around kissing the wrong frogs.

20 things to live by. Love this! You don't have to listen to how other people want you to live your life. Live it your way. Do your things. Make your own mistakes. Live life for YOU while you still can.

Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau | In Memory of Lilly Pulitzer

RIP Lilly Pulitzer: I didn't set out to be unusual or different. I just wanted to do things my way.

Kate Spade, Quote <3

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She's quick & curious & playful & strong. She is a voracious reader & a fantastic dancer.


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