"Mambo Italiano" - Catrinel Menghia by Michel Perez I am happy to find Catrinel for my washhouse collection

Catrinel Menghia stars in this beautiful and sensual tale “Une Aventure Sicilienne” (A Sicilian Adventure)


Photo: Rene Burri 1957

Francesca Woodman

Might have to try a photoshoot at a laundromat sometime. Interesting shapes and usually loads of natural light flooding in from the windows.

The simple pleasures of life. Source unknown

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singing his heart out

National Geographic, September 1974

In honor of National Roller Coaster Day, we rounded up the 10 most glamorous vintage photos from the amusement park rides. See our favorites here.

light me up

"Listening to de Gaulle, near Aubenas, France" 1961, henri cartier bresson

Italy, 1951

Francis Miller, Chicago, 1957

Piergiorgio Branzi - Napoli, 1953

Elation: One of National Geographic's top images this year


Cindy Crawford shot by Helmut Newton