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  • Elizabeth Murphy

    I know a few kids who would love these DIY Wand Tutorial! This would be great for a Harry Potter party!

  • Karen Voorhies

    DIY Harry Potter wand tutorial - awesome! a harry potter party is definitely in my future!

  • Sarah Reed

    {In case I ever have to host a Harry Potter party. Just saying.} DIY Harry Potter Style Wand Tutorial

  • Sophia Von Beherzt

    Wizard Wands using chopsticks, hot glue, and beads - Amazing program idea! The kids will LOVE doing this. DIY. Harry Potter

  • Jessica Lowder

    Best DIY Harry Potter Wand tutorial I've seen. fun project with kids?

  • Lindsey C

    Magic Wand Tutorial, DIY Harry Potter Wands with chopsticks and hot glue!

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This is awesome! now i have to make wands for the kids! Lets be honest, i'm making one for me too!! Wands - tutorial

My little sister just showed this to me. I know what I'll be doing come Christmas break!

Haha ok so I wouldn't decorate my house with hp pillows but I'll probably force my kids to love him (but most likely will adore him on their own) so maybe for like fun pillows in the play room! @Kelly this is for you!

~I wouldn't make wands, but I think this idea would be great for using with HAIR! I used to use pencils to hold my hair up in a sloppy bun. These would be more decorative...just stop @ the point (step#7) when they are completely covered with decorative beads. It would be much prettier than pencils. :) I'd maybe seal the beads with a coat of mod podge...?

DIY Harry Potter Mug. make this yourself with sharpies and bake for 30 mins at 350 degrees

beautiful bubble wands - strong wire bent into a loop and wrapped ... then extending wire is threaded with beads of choice and then wire is twisted and tucked at end.

Harry Potter Swap!! by Jeni Baker, via Flickr

Easily DIY wands using cooking chop sticks for your favorite little wizard (or, you know, yourself).

DIY star wand.... Cute idea for little girls, but I'd probably skip the pocket and just do a closed padded star.

Harry Potter Quiet Book. This is amazing. I will make one for my children one day. I want one for me!