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  • Micaela Maute

    A few years back, I caught some episodes of David Tennant. Last summer I finally sat down and watched Doctor Who beginning with Eccleston. So technically, 10 is my Doctor.

  • HetalianJellybeans 22978

    I like to think David Tennant became my best friend. Haven't gotten to Matt Smith yet though...

  • Sydney Permenter

    Doctor Who, true story

  • Irish

    My Doctors-only the future will tell me about my bestfriend

  • Julia Ludwig

    True.... But I also fell in love with the eleventh doctor <3

  • Elisabeth Shannon

    Not sure I'd call Matt Smith my best friend but the other things are so true!

  • Rose Tyler

    So True!! Dr Who :)

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THOUGHT THIS FROM THE MOMENT THIS HAPPENED. Not to mention the vortex manipulator that River is going to use to go visit them in New York... wtf Moffat.

River Song wins the parody contest, you can all go home now. But dear whovians, I have a question- if she is Amy's daughter why is her last name not Pond?

I want more male companions turning into badass characters for the next season!

So he does... because he's been messing with them all this time. He goes to museums because it's how he "keeps score"

And in this moment I was a Whovian and grabbed his hand and ran!

Because it doesn't need a powersource, it just needs to be wound up, and then it's self-sustaining until it winds back down again. That's freaking terrifying. Plus, clockwork is cool.

"I totally ship Clara and the Doctor!" [angry TARDIS sounds] <--- pinning for that comment

The Warrior Had the Best Catchphrase

"You realize that River knows what's about to happen to him. She knows Eleven is near his end & she's saying goodbye, not just to the Doctor, but to HER Doctor, the one who was there her whole life, who loved her and saved her. And I think she's also saying our goodbye for us." << This scene made me more sad and cry harder than any other in the entire 7th series!

Thank you for justifying my book thing David and my slightly less (this doesn't cheapen it!) film and TV thing... and other thing things :D

Lol, I would just eat all your food throw a TARDIS party, try on all your clothes, redecorate, complain about rose flirting with you, teenagers and TARDIS don't go together! haha, I'm crazy today.