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I'm too honest to shoplift

People will shoplift anything - what are you doing to prevent shoplifting?

shoplifting comic - funny shoplifting image

Shoplifting comic - It is amazing what some people will try to shoplift. Visit www.LossPreventionSystems.com to reduce your shoplifting loss.

Whose Line: Shoplifting Hoedown

The science behind shoplifting

Superman Arrests Shoplifter

Shoplifting warning - Signs may be funny but they are not a serious deterrent for a serious shoplifter.

Shoplifting and Employee Theft in America

Retail Shoplifting Infographic - What are the most common shoplifted items per type of retailer?

Shoplifting is hard to combat as a business owner, but don't make it easier for thieves by falling victim to one of these 8 shoplifting myths!


Durable plastic "Say NO" to Shoplifting signs will help stop shoplifters in their tracks. Signs offer serious warnings in lighthearted language, help deter would-be shoplifters from stealing valuable merchandise. Sign Smile says Smile You're on Camera and Sign Ride says Free Ride in a Police Car.

Kids think shoplifting is a kick. Eventually they will be apprehended and face serious consequences. Teach kids to make good decisions.

We need to expand our program because shoplifting easily leads kids to more serious crimes. Many inmates started their life of crime by shoplifting.

things to do when the internet is down.. This is actually how I feel about my phone.. which constantly does not work.

So you're not good with computers, huh?

Gotta love work humor...

Work Humor

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