WW2 utility fashion with extra hit of beauty thanks to the classic red lipstick.

Hair wrap, 1940s

In the late 1940's women started to become full-fledged members of the work force, and dressed like it.

Vintage bathing suits

1940's knitted dress, wonder if I could ever knit this well!

1940's style

1940s factory workers

1940s Bomb Girl

"Buy Bonds" US Texaco c. 1942

1940s-womens-fashion how to look the complete 1940's woman, hair and makeup tutorials as well as clothing

Late 40's

A thoroughly eye-catching selection of fabulous 1940s hats.


1955 Lana Lobell catalog, "Summer Symphony of Fashions," page 9

60's girl

A soldier and his date, 1940 fashion style rayon dress swing war era 40s photo print ad found woman ladies women


Beautiful Women of the 1940's. ♥ what I want to come back to after death(;

give your mom a classic for #mothersday like an iconic @Dior lipstick from @hudsonbayco