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I want to marry tim tebow.

I honestly saw a guy that looked like Tim Tebow today (but with dirty blond hair). So, when I saw this picture, I forgot it was Tim Tebow and thought it was the guy I saw today.

Tebow mic'd up for sound during game.  He walks like he talks.

Tim Tebow mic'd up for "Sound FX" from NFL Films

Tebow Mic'd Up vs Bears 2011 / via NFL RedZone -- this guy is so legit. Love that he literally sings worship songs as he warms up!

"Tim Tebow, how you doinn" in my best Joey voice lol

People Who Mattered: Tim Tebow

I'm not interested in football and I live in Denver! I like this young man. Hopefully his testimony will have an effect on his team mates and fans. Now this is a role model!

Tim Tebow in Ralph Lauren....It's okay you can stare

Who is the brightest of them all? Jessica Alba and Sofia Vergara compete to outshine the stars in metallic at lavish Met Gala

Astro do esporte, Tim Tebow declara: “Ganhando ou perdendo, devo dar glória a Deus”

"We needed more courage and character that day.” – Tim Tebow after UGA danced in the Florida Gator end zone.