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    • Buggrit Phooey

      minimiam food photogpraphy tiny people Akiko Ida Pierre Javelle

    • Hovercraftdoggy

      Photographers Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida have created a series of humorous dioramas that depict miniature people going about their daily l...

    • The Gryphon's Nest

      Tiny People's Adventure in The World of Food: Donut Golf #FoodArt #Donuts

    • Cherie Chong

      Miniature men on food / food art

    • R.G. Cruz

      Funny Miniature Scenes Playfully Set Upon Delicious Foods - My Modern Met

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    Photo by Saul Leiter, 1957

    vintage swim.

    Street Art

    Street art


    Big wave

    rainy day

    French Guacamole by PES - I really like this stop-motion because of the detail and care that was taken into making the foods seem realistic. However, if I was to make a piece like this I would struggle to make it seem so professional as I don't have the materials.



    50 Amazing Examples of Knolling Photography - UltraLinx

    This Micro photograph was taken by Slinkachu, I think this photograph shows that we are making new things everyday and I like this photograph because I think it was very clever how he made it look like they were chipping off the shell of the egg because he made it look like it was builders doing there work.

    Rethink Homelessness


    streetart williamsburg



    Ursus Wehrli I really like this piece of work. I think its a very clear way to show the title order and disorder. I like how it is all messy but then he creates into order.

    in the street………milan (by Sanzen)

    laughing girls

    Assemblage Series by Zac Freeman

    David Chim Seymour, Naples, 1957.

    Michelle Pfeiffer

    La Chute by Denis Darzacq

    Denis Darzacq