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A little Walk in the Woods #walkinthewoods #haveaniceday #spring2017 #bulau #oldbridges #suninthetrees #greenlight

A little Walk in the Woods


Japanese Pond Purple Light And Shadows. A bit dark and not going anywhere, but love purple.

✯ Lilac Forest...Beautiful. I want to find where this is and visit.

beautiful splash of purple hues- lilac, lavender, deep dark violet passions.

SUBORDINATION. The tree is the main focus of the photograph. However, the bench appears to have a secondary importance that the viewers eyes go to.

"pink and twilight colored petals take their downward lackadaisical flight, as I sit on a park bench day dreaming about the light of my life. Can you calculate the height of the tree using that bench?

Pond & Trees - Kamakura, Japan

I love the purple of the trees. "Kamakura Pond, Japan, with Trees and Clouds by Copyright © Daniel Ruyle An infrared photo.

timotomkel at instagram. Wonderfull picture! Can't wait to go back

timotomkel at instagram. Wonderfull picture! Can't wait to go back

Colourful tree

Inspirational trees for party décor inspiration The changing of the season lets nature flaunt its beauty. This is what a tree will look like in heaven.all the colors on one tree

pink tree.... - Click image to find more Photography Pinterest pins

cherry blossom tree park bench, so pretty. Definitely want a cherry blossom tree in front of my house someday.

Future landscaping ideas.  LOVE dandelions, especially freely growing in "fields" under tress, maybe hedged with lavender or rosemary.

Ah, a field of waiting wishes - Dandelion Meadow, The Enchanted Wood photo via victoria

Wallpaper... By Artist Unknown...

"Deep in the forest, well hidden, is a secret place called Gnome mans land. Maybe it's the babbling brook near the steps? Very strange sounds all around us.