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Movie lessons...nice try Twilight... Not even close... i can't believe how many girls threaten to kill them selves if a guy leaves them or girls that follow guys from state to state. its all just pathetic to me how insecure these girls are!

Ignore me doing this: This little girl finally found something to smile about.

I'm not sure what's creepier, the kids blank expression or the way the dummy is eyeballing the kid like he's going to be the real boy...

Matching Ugly Christmas Sweaters!!!!!! AwkwardFamilyPhot...

Knock, knock. If you have never been on Awkward Family photos... you really must go!!!

Awkward Family Photos with Danny McBride and Maya Rudolph

Love at first scowl. (submitted by Stephanie) I almost spit my drink on the computer!!!

Nana Anne and Papa Ted always loved their day at the fall fair. So much so, that they reenacted it for everyone at the yearly family Christmas dinner for all to enjoy. The End

b for bel: THIS is why Eyebrows are Important... Scary...