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    basically sums up me and my sisters Molly Vignovich

    Ignore Me Doing This - AwkwardFamilyPhot...

    Kindy Coleman Shambree Coleman

    Carousel 2

    ignore Twilight

    Buzz 2


    Awkward Family Portraits – This could easily be my children

    Eyes Wide Open 2

    Shambree Coleman doesnt' the last one remind you of baby June?! hahaha

    Saturday Night Special: Clowning Around 2

    Bad Santa 2

    The Oversmile 2 - AwkwardFamilyPhot...

    Bedtime Stories 2 - AwkwardFamilyPhot...

    Circus Circus

    Saturday Night Special: Pull My Finger 2

    Shambree Coleman im thinking Jasper needs this for his next bath.. :)

    Awkward Family Photos - “Yes, my father’s ventriloquist dummy, Gurgle Worthington, was a part of the family.” (submitted by Aubrey)

    Funniest Memes - [Zach Galifinakis at a gift card shop] Check more at


    Life is this painful image.