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Jenna we should do this!


Cannot stop laughing!

Everyone feels this way when bowling: | 27 Indisputable Facts That Everyone Knows Are True

I could see so many of my professors doing this!!! haha


Gotta love music humor…

Lol woww

MUGSHOT tee shirts.

Aahahaha so funny yet soo scary



Frosty the creeper. This made me laugh for longer than was appropriate.

What the ?!? Creepy family below

Tottie the pug, here, is a total pro. | 20 People Who Tried To Find An Original Way To Go As Miley Cyrus For Halloween

this is me....ALL the time

I now like this song

"No, F*ck You Ken" Barbie

Funnyism Picture | Epic Fail | Funnyism Funny Pictures


This gets funnier the longer I look at it.

Before the beards…

Rose Nails! Jenna Little should have gotten these nails!! lol

Hahahahaha! foolproof anti-theft device = maxi pad wrapper! "Ladies: a wallet that will never be stolen from your purse or How to hide money from the man and kids in your life. This is awesome!!