people say that lily should have stayed with snape, but she didnt because she did not love him. he went down a path that she would not follow, and when he wanted to change, it was to late.: Solemnly Swear, Harrypotter, Truth, Book, Movie, So True, Harry P

too true

That last one.... Soooo true!

So true.

I will be a little old lady still reading Harry Potter!

Should've been kept in the movie...

And they treated their customers equally, like true businessmen should. | 28 Reasons Fred And George Are The Best Characters In The Harry Potter Series

harry potter

First and last premiere. Hahaha oh gosh

I was so sad they left this out of the movie, it was one of the most beautiful moments in the book.

I know I'm a Harry Potter nerd, but this is about to make me cry!

Note to self: check these out, since they've got good reviews on goodreads and JK liked them...Holy Crap.

Harry Potter and the number 7.

The top half

Harry Potter vs. Twilight there is no competition. Harry potter, hands down, beats twilight like a million to negative 2

Harry Potter.

Harry potter

<3 Harry Potter

Harry Potter