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  • Jonathan Ormond

    The Deathly Hallows; three artefacts given to three brothers by Death himself, one a wand made out of the wood of the Elder Tree, one a stone able to bring the dead back to life, and one that was the shard of Death's cloak. Death claimed one in a lethal Magic Duel, claimed another in suicide, and met the third as an old friend, knowing his time had come.

  • Eliza ♡♕♬☯☮☠

    Harry Potter the deathly hollows

  • Shelby Hoover

    Deathly Hallows: never thought about it like mind is blown. Ooooh Harry Potter.

  • Zeb Duncan

    #harry #potter #book #movies #love #life #london #quote #book by Nandorin

  • Katie McLain

    Deathly Hallows: never thought about it like that.. J.K. Rowling did a fantastic job with these books and the plotting. the story line is fantastic and even this picture shows how well she planned them

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Id love to have these quotes around a room. Some of them still give me chills; I am not afraid, Harry. I am with you., Theres No need to call me sir, professor., My boy! Thats my son!. Okay, bad idea. Id just stare at my walls and cry.#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

Not necessarily funny, but so true. Thank you Ms. Rowling

Just came up with the perfect birthday invitation! An invitation that looks just like a Hogwarts acceptance letter! Love love love

Flyer from the Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition by Ben Zhu of Nucleus Art Gallery

Awe man,left my wand in my other pants.

I believe this chapter is probably one of the best written ever. No matter what, it never fails to convey emotions. AKA: I always and get goose bumps reading this chapter. -> i have to agree!

Harry Potter Monopoly... My kids would go nuts for this! Who am I kidding... I think it's awesome!!!!

One of my favorte changes to the movies from the books was Hermoine's "I'll go with you" line. It's not in the book, but it totally sums up what Harry Potter is all about. Love and friendship.

Deathly Hallows, Part 2. This is one of the best HP collage I've seen. Totally captures the mood. Wonderful.

This part made me laugh. I wish people would pick up the books and realize how funny and clever they are.

I WILL be ordering something from this Etsy. If the HP party happens, this may be THE prize for the winner of the HP trivia contest.