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Sometimes it takes me more than eight hours to get nothing done.

DYING LOL LOL Melissa Raposa you'd appreciate this with me

Funny Valentine's Day Ecard: If I worked in a restaurant on valentines day I would put fake engagement rings in all the women's glasses.

I want you to know that someone out there cares. Not me, but someone. | Encouragement Ecard |

All I know is one of us is right and the other one is you.

I don't have the energy to pretend I like you today.

With my new diet I'm hoping to reach my original weight of 6lbs 7ozs. HA HA HA!!!

Im going to hell for this one haha

Until I land a job that pays me to surf the net, I'm going to have to keep doing it at this one.

If you think I've got a lazy eye wait until you see the rest of my body.

This makes me laugh because no matter where you work, this person is THERE!:-)