// Eton Mess Trifle

Lemon thyme infused mascarpone mousse on lemon curd with meringue

Yummy, Cranberry, pistachio, and Almond The original recipe posted was taken down, here is the "live" link :-)

Eton mess ~ what I like about this is the way it is served ~ in a jar with a pretty ice~cream spoon...... must remember this next time I make meringues....

sophisticated version of the Eton Mess - whole mini meringues,cream,berries & pistachios

Tres Leches Coconut Cake Trifle >

Caramel Apple Trifles

Chocolate Cream-Puff Trifle Recipe...don't think I'd use the recipe but love the idea!! fill creampuffs w/ whipped cream/sour crm/banana pdg n drizzle a "hardening' choco sauce over puffs....use a white chocolate pudding/cool whip mix????? hmmm have to think on this a bit

Strawberry Pistachio Cream Tart from Savory Sweet Life.

Simple no bake pumpkin cheesecake trifles

Apricot Salsa Quesadillas

salted caramel swirl meringues

... strawberry cake with thyme, olive oil and meringue buttercream ...

Course(s): Dessert; Ingredients: evaporated milk, ground cardamom, heavy cream, pistachios, sweetened condensed milk, tea bags

Chocolate swirl meringues with nutella whipped cream

Peanut Butter Trifle

Eton mess trifle - Layer a quintessentially British pudding with Sherry-steeped strawberries, meringue and cream then top with flaked almonds

Pina Colada Trifle recipe ~ perfect for a make-ahead dessert for parties... The flavors mellow with chilling and the layers of cake, fruit, and cream are always festive. For this trifle, marshmallow cream and crushed pineapple are folded into the whipped cream.

White Almond Sour Cream Cake - ew sounds kinda icky but looks really good so idk! its rlly pretty though :)

Old English Trifle Recipe from Taste of #Tiramisu Cake #Tiramisu| http://tiramisucake598.blogspot.com