Plátanos en almibar

OMG... I've died and gone to HEAVEN... Platanos en Tentacíon. Sweet plantain dessert. By My Big Fat Cuban Family Blog

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Baked Caramelized Sweet Plantains

Arroz Con Gandules

Plátanos calados or Tentación These plantains are simple, quick and easy to make and delicious. In Colombia Plátanos Calados or Plátanos en Tentación are eaten as a side dish or dessert with fresh white cheese.

Sweet Plantain Recipes - Unique Recipes With Platanos

Flancocho : ] The BEST puerto rican dessert EVER <3 Especially when MY MOM makes it!!

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In Puerto Rico this recipe is simply a rice soup made with milk. Usually made for babies, children, or when someone has a bad stomach. It is a comfort food. - El Boricua, a bilingual , cultural publication for Puerto Ricans

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Here is an easy plantain recipe for ripe plantains (yellow). These fried plantains balls have a savory cheddar cheese filling that bursts in your mouth. They make great appetizers or snacks.

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Learn how to make quesitos with this easy quesitos recipe that is sure to please your family and guests! Puerto Rican quesitos make a great entertaining dessert!

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Picadillo Puertorriqueño

Super yummy Puerto Rican appetizer or side dish! It's like mashed potatoes stuffed with meat!

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pinon. more yummy food. (puerto rican)