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    Trail Signs – Communicate Secretly

    Blade of grass whistle

    or mark your own gate..god forbid you ever end up out there. these markings can help you re-navigate the city to help you and maybe others get back on your feet again.

    Shtf frequencies

    Prepper & SHTF Communications 2 Way Radio Frequencies » The Homestead Survival


    Don't rely on your cell phone to call for help or reach your family during an emergency or a natural disaster. Ham Radio is the way to go...

    Survival Communications – How to Become A Licensed HAM Radio Operator

    Which of These 5 Radios Are You Bringing to Doomsday?# Have Number Three.

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    How YOU Can Use HAM Radio In Emergencies

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    HAM Radio - Entry Level Equipment

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    Radios - CB Export/10 Meter

    How To Keep Communicating Even When the Internet Stop

    Turn your Cell into a Walkie-Talkie when Towers are out of Range

    Standard Scuba Diving Hand Signals

    Trail Signs

    Morse Code made simple! My dad is a ham radio operator so I grew up with the sounds of morse code.

    How To Make A Survival Whistle From A .223 Case Whistle is very loud

    How to Maximize the Range of your FRS/GMRS Radios

    American Sign Language (ASL) learn it use it and be able to comunicate without saying a word