Get Off Your Thyroid Medication And Start Consuming Coconut Oil

Thyroid Medication – OUT, Coconut Oil IN. Most people are unaware that hypothyroidism is an autoimmune disease, this is one of the main reasons why pharmaceutical treatment is ineffective for more than 80 percent of patients with sluggish thyroids. Even the best thyroid treatment may not work if underlying adrenal and hormonal problems are not dealt with effectively. If your doctor is not looking at your adrenal and hormonal situation, an important part of your health is being overlooked.

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Having issues with your thyroid? Are you hypothyroid or borderline? These 13 thyroid-friendly foods may help your thyroid stay healthy.

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Coconut oil is one of the most powerful super foods that can help you lose weight. This article explores six ways you can use coconut oil for weight loss.

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Coconut oil & Ghee (unsalted grass-fed butter) in your coffee. A foolproof,science based diet plan,this product can melt away 12 to 23 pounds body fat in just 21 days

While coconut oil has dragged itself out of the muck of vast misrepresentation over the past few years, it still rarely gets the appreciation it truly deserves. Not just a good saturated fat, coconut oil is an exceptional healing agent, as well, with loads of useful health applications, which include:

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People with Hashimoto’s disease shouldn’t rely on thyroid medication alone. Most triggers of thyroid autoimmunity are dietary and without addressing your diet and lifestyle modifications that aim to reduce toxicity in your life thyroid drugs have only limited effect

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