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    Knots Part 2: The Clovehitch An excellent knot for pioneering projects, the clovehitch is considered to be one of the "must know" knots for bushcraft, sailing, boy scouts and survival. Thanks for watching and I hope to see you in the woods!

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Knots. Grandpa made a board similar to this... mom and dad have it in the basement... Love it!

Great place to learn to tie knots for Bear achievement 22 and Wolf elective 17.

▶ 4 Bushcraft Knots everyone should know - YouTube~ Lark's Head, Clove Hitch, Constrictor Knot, basic Bowline Knot.Very clear instruction. Good Job!

knots my grandpa taught me how to tie knots my brothers jst tied me up lol I was stuck in a closet for three days once it was a good knot

Know your knots so you're not all for naught, because you never know when you'll need a zombie gallows pole. And what's more romantic than a celtic knotwork star-flower, right?

give each boy a piece of rope and have a scout leader come teach them how to tie different knots.

knot samples.via false arms. they don't credit images, so if you know it tell me!

hoorah I found these sailing knots - I have been wanting to do an etching of knots. This will help, thanks!