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    Joe" Bananas" Bonanno (1905-2002), boss of the Bonanno family from 1931-1965.

    Salvatore 'Charlie Lucky' Lucania during his heyday c.1936

    Joseph Charles Massino (born January 10, 1943), is a former American mobster. He was a member of the Mafia (Cosa Nostra) and was the boss of the Bonanno crime family from 1991 until 2004, when he became the first boss of one of the Five Families in New York City to turn state's evidence.

    Joseph M. Barbara, Sr. Organized Crime Figure. Immigrated to the United States in 1921 at age 16. He was soon working as a hitman for the Buffalo crime family in their Northern Pennsylvania territory. During the 1930s, Joseph was arrested for several murders, including the 1933 murder of rival bootlegger Sam Wichner. He is best known as the host of the notorious Apalachin Mafia Conference on November 14, 1957.

    Joe Adonis, also known as "Joey A", "Joe Adone", "Joe Arosa", "James Arosa", and "Joe DiMeo", was a New York mobster who was an important participant in the formation of the modern Cosa Nostra crime families.

    Fourteen Sicilian mobsters arrested at the first known national meeting of the Mafia held in Cleveland in 1928, and hosted by Cleveland mob boss Joe Porrello. Notable are Joseph Profaci (seated in wheelchair), head of what would become New York City’s Colombo crime family. Flanking Profaci are Capone representatives Joseph Giunta on the left and Pasquale Lolordo.

    Mobster Joseph Valachi, once a member of La Cosa Nostra, was one of the first gangsters to admit to federal officials that the Mafia existed.

    Salvatore Lo Piccolo Salvatore Lo Piccolo, también conocido como el Barón, es un mafioso siciliano y uno de los jefes más poderosos de la Cosa Nostra de Palermo, Sicilia.

    Giuseppe Salvatore Riina, the son of the most feared Sicilian mafia boss.

    Genovese, Gambino, Bonnano, Colombo and Lucchese. For decades these Five Families ruled New York and built the American Mafia (or Cosa Nostra) into an underworld empire.

    Joseph Sarcinella is arrested by the FBI in 1975. He is one of three alleged Mafia figures who pleaded guilty in a recent scheme to control the garbage collection industry in New York and New Jersey. Read more: www.nydailynews.c...

    U.S. 1931: Mobster Salvatore Maranzano conspires with Masseria's top soldier, Charles "Lucky" Luciano (pictured above) to assassinate Masseria and end the mob war. Maranzano then emerges as the "Boss of Bosses," the most powerful Mafia leader. He restructures organized crime in New York, setting up five separate criminal groups.

    Salvatore Lucania, better known as Lucky Luciano, was the architect of the American Mafia. He is pictured here in a 1936 New York Police Department mug shot.