Dominic Napolitano, also known as Sonny Black, was an American Mafia caporegime in the Bonanno crime…

Joseph "Joe Cargo" Valachi (September 22, 1904 – April 3, 1971), Italian American, also known as "Charles Chanbano" and "Anthony Sorge" was the first Mafia member to publicly acknowledge the existence of the Mafia. He is also the person who made Cosa Nostra (meaning "Our Thing") a household name.

THE LAST DON: "MICKEY" COHEN -- THE SUNSET KINGPIN was a ruthless gangster based in Los Angeles and part of the Jewish Mafia. He also had strong ties to the American Mafia from the 1930s through 1960s.

Mafia boss Joe Masseria lays dead on a Brooklyn restaurant floor holding the ace of spades.1931

Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski is one of the most prolific contract killers ever to have worked for the Mafia. Having taken his first life when was just 13, he claimed to have personally committed as many as 250 murders.

Sept 10th 1931 mafia don Salvatore Maranzano killed in his Park Avenue headquarters by four men posing as I.R.S. agents.Four bullet wounds & six knife wounds the four agents are Bugsy Seigal,Albert Anastasia,Red Levine, & Thomas Lucasey.

Stefano Bontate Stefano Bontate fue un poderoso miembro de la Mafia siciliana. Erróneamente, algunas fuentes se refieren a él con el apellido "Bontade". Era el capomafia de la familia de Santa Maria di Gesù de Palermo.

Santo Trafficante, Jr. (November 15, 1914 – March 17, 1987) was one of the last of the old-time Mafia bosses in the United States. He allegedly controlled organized criminal operations in Florida and Cuba, which had previously been consolidated from several rival gangs by his father, Santo Trafficante, Sr. Reputedly the most powerful mafioso in Batista-era Cuba, he never served time in a United States prison.

Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano and John 'Teflon Don' Gotti, The Gambino Crime Family.

Bugsy Seigel: Credited with the idea to make Las Vegas into the Gambling and tourism hot spot that it is today. He moved to Los Angeles in the 40's to watch over the Mafia's deals out west. He tried out to be an actor, taking a few screen tests, however nothing ever came of it. Bugsy Siegel worked for Lucky Luciano. His greatest achievement was the creation of the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.

Eliot Ness (April 19, 1903 – May 16, 1957) was an American Prohibition agent, famous for his efforts to enforce Prohibition in Chicago, Illinois, and the leader of a legendary team of law enforcement agents nicknamed "The Untouchables".

Fourteen Sicilian mobsters arrested at the first known national meeting of the Mafia held in Cleveland in 1928, and hosted by Cleveland mob boss Joe Porrello. Notable are Joseph Profaci (seated in wheelchair), head of what would become New York City’s Colombo crime family. Flanking Profaci are Capone representatives Joseph Giunta on the left and Pasquale Lolordo.

Carlo Gambino (1902 - 1976)Mafia boss, capo of the Gambino crime family headquartered in New York City

Frank Sinatra with Tommy Marson, Carlo Gambino and Jimmy Fratianno

Italian Mafia Pictures | New York mafia circa 1929, about the time the mafia was getting its ...

VITO CASIOFERRO Birth: 1862 Death: 1945 Organized Crime Figure. Mafia Don, Godfather in Sicily. He was responsible for establishing the strong connection that still exist between the Sicilian and American Mafias. Died in Sicilian prison.

Thomas Lucchese (December 1, 1899 – July 13, 1967) was an American mobster who became the Boss of the Lucchese crime family in New York City.

Sicilian Mafia.

John Dillinger- 1930s Gangster Real men are old school gangsters:)

In the '70s mafia murders were on the rise. Famous New York Daily News photograph of the bodies of Carmine Galante and Leonardo Coppolla after a 1979 rubout in the backyard of a Brooklyn restaurant, by members of the Bonanno crime family. Buy a copy of this Daily News photo here