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Veni Vidi Vici tattoo. Means I came, I saw, I conquered. Gonna get this after I do something amazing and life changing but somewhere else.

from Etsy

Birch Tree Love No. 2 / Love Birds / Romance / watercolor print / bird art / black and white / Archival / Wedding / Personalized

Lavendar Birch Tree Love No. 3 / Love Birds / Romance / watercolor print / Coral /grey / black and white and yellow / Archival

47 #Inspiring Quote #Tattoos That Will Make You Want to Get Inked ...

"...her piece “with brave wings she flies” was created from knowing that everyone she has there own story .. life isn’t always easy … every she is going through or has been through a life experience that has challenged them in some way .. and sometimes we just need a little reminder that we are brave and we can fly .. making it through our journey of life .."

but not everyone can see it. Such an amazing idea!

Tattoo idea....... Veni ~ Vidi ~ Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered)