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    i always hated science class, until we watched a bill nye video.

    • Amanda Carpenter

      Please click on this and read this whole list. The Bill Nye the Science guy one made me laugh out loud. 15 Childhood Heroes You Wanted To Be.

    • Kelsey Cooper

      Bill Nye the Science Guy, he should get the full credit for my fundamental science knowledge.

    • Alex Peek🎶📚🎮

      I love Bill Nye and his theme song... >>>> BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY!!!!

    • Hannah Edwards

      Bill Nye The Science Guy! Favorite part about school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Louisa Barnhart

      Bill Nye (the Science Guy) | 15 Childhood Heroes You Wanted To Be

    • Amy Stewart

      Bill Nye the Science Guy - I really wish this still came on tv.

    • Haeley Rhineheart


    • Casey Brown

      Who didn't learn science from Bill Nye the Science Guy?

    • Sara Murphy

      Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill Nye the Science Guy

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    Bill Nye!!!

    Bill Nye

    Bill Nye

    Bill Nye: The Stud in the Bow Tie just so you know I'm pinning Bill Nye all day for his birthday

    Stuff 90s Kids Love! watched him everyday. and if we watched it at school you better believe everyone was singing bill bill bill bill Nye the science guy!

    'cause Bill Nye

    Bill Nye the many face guy.

    Bill Nye - he's the shit!!!! Thanks Bill, here are 12 more reasons Bill Nye is a BAMF.


    Bill Nye

    I loved this show!

    All 100 episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy...YESSSSSSSS

    Bill Nye the Science Guy. He is my teaching role model and that's not a joke- because of him, an entire generation of kids got super excited about science and learning. Kids were using their free time outside of school to watch, perform, and talk about science!

    ~I REEEEALLY don't want to trivialise this marvelous event, but Bill's face!!!! ladyfapnerdgasm.~

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    Hydrogen peroxide mixed with potassium iodide [gif]

    That distant rumble you hear is the stampede of fangirls on their way to you Tom. Please, stay where you are. // Haha but swear to god, if you don't come to comic expo this year, I WILL come pick you up!!!

    Stark and Banner ♥ oh my goodness! I didn't realize how short Mark Ruffalo is until I saw him next to RDJ