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David Litchfield

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Great White Shark - the reason I don't go in the ocean

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world's deepest indoor diving pool. when in Belgium, i must and will try this

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Great White Shark Breach At False Bay - Cape Town, South Africa

Cage Diving With Sharks

Shark Dive

Cage Dive

Shark Cage Diving Cape Town

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Shark Diving South Africa

Sharks South

Shark diving South Africa - Ticked!

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Cage Diving with Great Whites in South Africa, this is on my bucket list.

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Cage diving with great whites!!

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White shark

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Great White Shark

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scuba diving at Easter Island - I've never seen one of these underwater before. @Shereice Rahman Rahman Harker Island how did this statue get underwater

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Bucket list: cage dive with Great White Sharks! @karab37 @evelasqu @ecooper1993 @kellifroland


Paddle Faster

Thomas Peschak

Tom Peschak



Bigger Boat



kayaking with sharks


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whale shark

Randy Olson



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Scuba Dive


Easter Island'S

Easter Island, Chile

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The Bahamas

Bimini Bahamas

Bahamas Honeymoon

Bahamas Sharks


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Great White Shark

Cape Town Shark Diving

Shark Cage Diving Cape Town

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Cape Town South Africa Sharks

South Africa Shark Diving

In South Africa

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Driving Cape

Go Shark cage diving in Gansbai, South Africa This is number one on my bucket list! @Rebekah Sheppard Truscelli

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Me Someday.

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Visit Australia

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On my bucket list :: visit Australia and scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef [this would mean overcoming my intense fear of sharks]

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Antarctic Peninsula

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Great White Shark Diving