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christmas baby! precious! @Katiehoward you have to do this with Noah!

Christmas card picture of my son Luke! -taken by Lauren's Pictures www.laurenspictur...

Cute Photography idea for a family Christmas card in your pj's -- THIS IS what I want to do this year! Bevvvvverly Foster, can/will you make the shirts :)

This reminds me so much of a little boy who had a crush on my daughter when they were tiny. He brought her roses once. These boys are adorable!

Reminds me of my own adorable Neeto! Can't believe how much this little girl looks like she did!

i have no words.. This looks like a Kentucky Artist's painting. I've forgotten his name now! But he's in Berea, Kentucky and awesome. It's Mitchess Tolle, Berea, Kentucky artist.

"The thing's she'll see, the wars she'll wage, the strife she'll encounter, the love she will lose, it is a cruel fate, is it not?" "Cruel, but necessary. Besides, if she can bear it, she will not have to bear it long. The world is changing, but without her, it will fall." -Alexis Mellark The tiny blonde girl, too small, too innocent, too trusting. She was hurt too many times. But she rose in the dawn after the darkness.

only repinnning this cuz this is my cousins family and im obsessed with how cute they are!!! baby boy #3 on the way :)

OMG, Kristin Wollman, will you please try this with Kenley?? so cute :)

Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo. have a this. This photo was taken on December 26, 2010 in Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL, US, using a Nikon D7000.