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This reminds me of the image that was on our wedding invitation and I love the quote.

Sometimes they make the biggest memories.

A story that's going to warm your heart for a while in this cold winter. This is why I love donating my hair!

Your photos will never be the same - how to use multiple shots and Photoshop to remove tourists from your vacation photos!

"I'll look back on this and smile, because this was life and I decided to live it." `unkn #positive #quote positive quotes

Life is not always black and white. I am working on feeling comfortable with shades of grey.

This is what I want. A lifetime. Someone to love me for me and not give up.

A reminder that it is only a bad day, maybe even a bad week. With depression you never know how long the periods of bad will last, but you just have to remember that things will get better because it is still a beautiful life.

YOU are patient with, encourage, amaze, mean the world to, complete, always impress, take care of, surprise, are home to ME. And I Adore You.