too cute! :Patriotic Candy Buttons from @SweetSugarBelle

Impress Without Stress: 15 Easy Patriotic Food Ideas

Patriotic Candy Skewers for the Fourth of July

patriotic favors

Patriotic candy favors

whose broad candy stripes and bright candy stars? Ours!

"The gentleman who gave me this recipe told me he’d been making candy for over 45 years and this was the Billion Dollar Bar as far as he was concerned. He’d made divinity, all sorts of fudge, tempered chocolate, spun sugar, and pulled taffy, but this is his favorite."

Patriotic tablescape


ANOTHER SHAMEFUL DISPLAY OF THE AMERICAN FLAG!!!! You can call it "ART".... But it's still disgraceful Bull$h!t!!! (Don't call me or any other American when u need help... Go show ur art to enemies.... They'll REALLY appreciate it!!!). BTW, calling a flag a "replica" doesn't magically transform that flag into art.... Anymore than u soaking that flag in tea, tying it around a ladder, & slappin' a rusted trinket on it can be called art!!!!

DIY Tutorial - How to make edible hard candy jewels... Great for party cakes or cupcakes...

Fourth of July Dessert Ideas - Patriotic Oreo Pops

Add these to your Memorial Day and 4th of July Recipes: Patriotic Red, White and Blue Ooey Gooey Bars

Patriotic Printables for the 4th of July,

Imagine the shock and awe on your friends and families faces when they bite into a seemingly normal looking candy bar and BAM! It's red white and blue!

Twizzler Firecracker Cupcakes. So fun for a July 4th party!


4th of july ice cream bars

More patriotic party stuff

Patriotic Spoons

These patriotic fruit skewers are perfect for BBQs on Memorial Day and 4th of July. #funfood #patriotic #FoodSaver