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- Dont fuck with me... i fuck back -

I was taught that my mind and my will was stronger and more powerful than the gun or the sword...the pen is as mighty as a bullet...Freedom is my right...and so is the right to bear arms!

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Love Quotes Pics, And so it shall be resovled and closed so that each person involved can and will get closure and move on to the next cjapters of there lives,so no matter how hard,or what i may be that has ended your relationship you still need to sit.down as a civil couple and seal the deal , just my thoughts...

Same goes for super powers! And guns, people! Guns! Minah. #theExile

Writing inspiration #nanowrimo #scenes #settings

Babe dont worry i hold your heart in one hand and your gun in the other i got you amor

Pffft hahha

Quotation from the brilliant 'Going Postal' by the our deservedly beloved and wonderful, dear Terry Pratchett...(now passed from this realm) ... Mr Pratchett you're the bee's pajamas (-_-)/ <3


If I'd known you were trouble when you walked through the door, I would've introduced myself sooner - Quote -


Funny and true Quote: If I was meant to be controlled, I would have come with a remote. Perfect for the home!

Knives are cooler than guns because if I pull a knife, you don't know what I'm gonna do. Stab you, open a letter or maybe just frost a cake? It's a mystery.

Basic Bitch Terms: Bad bitch, boss bitch, real bitch. Lol.

Us Bitches, no kidding let it out it's been awhile